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Electric coffee grinder V2 - black

Electric coffee grinder V2 - black

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Nothing compares to freshly ground coffee. Roasted coffee beans contain a number of volatile aromatic compounds, as well as captured carbon dioxide. Some of these may disappear within seconds of grinding the beans. For every coffee lover, a bean grinder is not a matter of luxury, but of necessity. Navaris has designed the ideal coffee grinder for the tastiest taste sensation.

Note: Not recommended for espresso coffee!

16 custom grind settings

Wake up to the perfect cup of coffee with a wide choice of 16 grind settings. Choose a coarse grind for a French press for simply delicious filter coffee. With the powerful With Navaris bean grinder you can taste the maximum aroma and perfect taste. Simply select the desired grind setting, pour in your favorite coffee beans, select the desired cups and press start. Quick and simple!

Make 2 to 12 cups at a time

The bean reservoir of Navaris is large enough to make several cups at the same time. You can make up to 12 cups of coffee. You save so much time grinding and brewing coffee over and over again. This makes this coffee machine ideal for family gatherings and cafes to make coffee. In addition, the coffee machine is easy to clean.

Whisper quiet and stylish design

The sound of different coffee beans varies due to the different thicknesses during grinding, which is up to about 90 dB, which is very pleasant. In addition, the unique design of the coffee grinder is compact and stylish. This provides a completely decorated countertop environment.

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