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Storage basket with lid Beige rattan shelf basket Hand-woven decorative basket GRAHA (2 sizes)

Storage basket with lid Beige rattan shelf basket Hand-woven decorative basket GRAHA (2 sizes)

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• 30x21x17 cm (S) or 37x27x20 cm (M)
• made of stable, durable rattan
• with practical lid, perfect as a storage basket in your cupboard or on your desk
• the packaging is plastic-free
• 100% handmade and fair trade
• free shipping and 10% discount for all orders in our store from €250

With Graha you can store small knick-knacks in a stylish, opaque way in no time. This small storage basket fits perfectly on your desk, shelf or dresser. It is made of untreated natural rattan, which not only stands out because of its beautiful light color, but also harmonizes perfectly with different living environments. The material is also extremely robust and durable.

Delivery includes a matching lid that completes the basket. Graha is available in two different sizes, so you can make the ideal choice for your individual needs.

Please also note our other offers - in our store you will find many different baskets, home accessories and bags made from sustainable materials under fair production conditions.

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Measurements and weight:


S: 30x21x17cm; 0.60kg
M: 37x27x20cm; 1.07kg

Our products are artfully crafted individual pieces. They may vary slightly in size, color and shape due to manual production and natural variations in materials.

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Material: Rattan

Rattan palms usually grow in large numbers in dense forests, where they are considered invasive plants that take up space from other plants and take many nutrients from the soil. The stems, which grow back quickly without chemical aids, must be cut regularly and after the drying process can be used as material for furniture and baskets. This makes rattan a very durable and abundant material.

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Production location:

This basket is made in Bali, Indonesia.
When choosing our possible on-site locations, we attach great importance to fair compensation and good employment conditions. The factories from which we own our goods employ full-fledged and working craftsmen. No harmful chemicals are used in the production process. Since all work steps are done by hand, hardly any greenhouse gases are emitted during the production process. We take care of all stumps through continuous absence on location and permanent contact with the companies.
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