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Vase black small decorative vase hand cast from clay for dried or fresh flowers LEMBAH

Vase black small decorative vase hand cast from clay for dried or fresh flowers LEMBAH

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• Dimensions 18x6x17 cm
• hand-cast into curved shapes from natural black-colored clay
• ideal for dried flowers in boho style
• free shipping within Germany, the packaging is plastic-free
• 100% handmade and fair trade
• free shipping and 10% discount on all orders over €250

Our small Lembah vase is cast in curved shapes from natural clay. It is an absolute must-have to add an individual touch and subtle accents to your home, whether on a shelf, on the windowsill or as part of a creative table decoration. Specially filled with dried flowers, it embodies a pure boho style.

Together with our other small white and black vases, it unfolds its full effect as an ensemble that can be effortlessly integrated into different interior styles. They are waterproof and can therefore be filled with cut flowers and water. They give your atmosphere a fresh touch and provide a natural liveliness that will inspire you every day.

Lembah is a real one-of-a-kind among our vases. Due to its special shape with two openings on the sides, it looks particularly three-dimensional and is reminiscent of abstract sculptures. It fits perfectly not only in boho-style living environments, but also in modern and minimalist rooms.

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Measurements and weight:

Length x width x height: 18x6x17 cm
Weight: 1.00 kg

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Material: clay

Clay is a naturally occurring material composed primarily of clay mineral particles. It is found in natural water reservoirs, that is, near the sea, rivers, streams, lake shores or small ponds. After adding water, the mass is plastically deformable and is baked in an oven at approximately 1000 °C. The shaped pieces, such as flower pots, bowls or vases, are then glazed and fired again. This makes the clay waterproof and food safe.

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Production location:

This vase is handmade in Java, Indonesia.
When selecting our local producers, we value fair wages and good working conditions. Only mature and experienced craftsmen work in the companies where we buy our goods. No harmful chemicals are used in the production process. Because all work steps are carried out by hand, the production process hardly generates greenhouse gas emissions. We ensure all this through regular site visits and permanent personal contact with the companies.
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